List of all necessary common textures

In general common textures you find textures which you have to lay on brushes sothat they can initiate different effects when you are walking through, on or against them. More details below:

(Image areaportal)

If you place a brush with this texture directly into a door and it is closed, all details behind the door won't be shown until it will be opened by the player. So it will raise the performance.

(Image caulk)

This one is also for raising the perfomance. All faces of a brush overlayed by this texture won't be drawn by the engine. So you should always lay this texture on faces you won't see anyway during play.

(Image clip)

If you have a brush with this texture on it, the player won't be able to go through it. So it blocks players.

(Image cushion)

Putting this one on a brush will prevent a player from getting damage when he falls off a higher distance on the floor.

(Image hint)

Recommendable for using to reach better perfomance. I explain that in another tutorial.

(Image mirror)

In your editor it is only a black texture with the name mirror1. If you place a misc_portal_surface in front of a brush with this texture it will lead to a nice working mirror.

(Image nodraw)

A non-solid texture. You can use it for any liquid so a certain bug doesn't occure, or for fire.

(Image nodrop)

Placing this texture on a brush near a floor will let weapons and gibs fall through it. It is often used in space maps like q3dm17 on the ground so the entities don't keep lying around.

(Image origin)

Necessary as an origin point for func_plat, func_rotating, func_bobbing, func_train, func_pendulum.

(Image slick)

This texture will let the player slide around until he reaches a floor without it.

(Image trigger)

Required for any kind of trigger. More details in the teleporter and jumppad tutorial.

(Image weapclip)

This clip blocks all shots of any weapon AND players.

Written by Bliccer