Installation of and Introduction into the editor

First of all you have to download the editor called GTK Radiant, which you can find here:

After agreeing to the license, choose the location you want your Radiant installed in and select the path for Quake 3 Arena in the next window. Choose it by clicking on "Browse" ("OK" when you selected it) and go on with "Next".

(Image browse 1)
(Image browse 2)

Now a new window appears which asks you for a name for the folder which you'll find in your Q3A directory afterwards. Of course you can leave it like it is.

(Image browse 3)

If you also want to make maps for "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" or "Enemy Territory" repeat the steps as for Q3A in the next windows.

At last select your setup type and press the finish button after the blue progress bar disappeared. Now create a shortcut to the editor (I think you know how it works) or use the "GtkRadiant-1.4.0.exe" in the folder you've just installed the program to. When you've started the Radiant another window for selecting the game (ET,RTCW and Q3A) pops up.

(Image select game)

Of course we select Quake 3 Arena. Leave the tick boxes like they are... without ticks =). Finally we've started the editor and we can see a lot of weird new windows.

(Image first time)

For our tutorials we will change the layout a bit. Go to Edit -> Preferences.

(Image edit)

Click on "Layout" in the list on the left side and tick the third circle.

(Image preferences)

Now go to "2D/Display Rendering" and tick the "Display Size Info"box (trust me; it's very useful sometimes).

(Image size info)

Click on OK and then restart the editor like the appeared info tells you. After these two changes you'll see a new layout. You can enlarge and minimize the four windows by clicking onto the grey bars in the middle and pulling them around until you think they have the right proportions.

(Image bars)

The upper left window is the 3D/Camera view, the YX window shows you the top view (upper right), the ZY window the side view (lower left) and the ZX window the front view (lower right). The grey in the camera view is the void. It's just... nothing; but I will talk about that when it comes to leaks in another tutorial. The grey lines in the top/side/front view describe a grid which consists of units. At the beginning it is a grid8, means that a grey "box" (1) has 8 units. One bigger grid box (2) includes 8x8 units in height and width, so 64 each. If you want a more precise grid, let's say, only one unit instead of 8 you can change it at (3) or via the numbers on your keyboard but you'll have to scroll into the grid to see all the units. Of course you can use a different layout but I'll use the selected one for the rest of the tutorials.

Written by Bliccer