Velocity jump pads

A velocity jump pad can also add or subtract velocity to the current player speed in any direction while a jump pad only travels a player to a position with an initial speed. But you can also use it as a jump pad setting the velocity via a custom value instead of placing a target_position entity.

Example: Creating a velocity jump pad increasing the horizontal speed without forcing a prefefined horizontal direction.
  1. Create a trigger_push_velocity trigger entity and apply the common/trigger texture.

  2. Open the entity window (shortcut n) with the trigger being selected.
    Any player touching the trigger gains 500 units horizontal without forcing any horizontal direction when using the spawn flags playerdir_xy, add_xy and the key speed with the value 500.

    (Image entitywindow)
  3. Create a target_position entity and place it above the trigger.
    Only the height is important with this spawn flags.

  4. Select the trigger and the target entity and connect them (Ctrl+k).

    (Image jumppad1a) (Image jumppad1b)

This is the map file for the tutorial:

Written by Pan-(G)