Shootable teleporter

This tutorial explains how to build an object that teleports you somewhere when you hit it. These objects can be found in "egyptfs" made by "kale" and some other maps.

For this tutorial you require:

  • 1x brush
  • 1x target_teleporter
  • 1x misc_teleporter_dest
  1. Creating the shootable object
    First of all you have to create the hitable object itself. To do that you create a brush and shape it the way you want.
    Once you are satisfied with its shape you have to make it a func_button entity. Select it in the 3D view and right mouse button click in one of the axis view windows. In the right-click menu select "func" and go to "func_button". Make sure it is the only selected object beforehand.
    Now that it is an entity you make sure it's still selected and press n to open the properties dialog. Make the following adaptions there:

    - health - this should be greater than "0" so the button only reacts weapon hits.
    - speed - you probably want to set this to a high value so the button's movement can't be seen.
    - wait - this sets the time the object needs to regenerate "-1" means it's availible to be triggered again instantly.
    (Image entity window)
  2. Creating the teleporter
    The button you just created has to trigger the teleporter. Therefore deselect everything and right click into one of the axis view windows. Select "target" and go to "target_teleporter".
  3. Creating the teleporter exit
    You have to build an entity that marks the destination you are teleported to when you hit the button. Deselect everything and right click into one of the axis view windows. Select "misc" and go to "misc_teleporter_dest".
  4. Linking the entities
    The teleporter has to know how to get activated. It only gets this information when it's liked to the button. Deselect everything and select FIRST the button THEN the target_teleporter and press Ctrl+k. A colored line should appear that links the "func_button" and the "target_teleporter". The teleporter also has to know where to teleport the player to. Select FIRST the "target_teleporter" THEN the "misc_teleporter_dest". If everything went right another colored line should appear between the "target_teleporter" and the "misc_teleporter_dest".
(Image link 2d view)

Congratulations you built a teleporter that is getting triggered by shooting a button. It will teleport the attacker to the "misc_teleproter_dest".

This is the map file for the tutorial:

Written by HK